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Things to Keep in mind when choosing a Domain name

A domain name is not just a website address; it creates your online identity. The first step in getting a website is registering a domain name or deciding the name for your website. This should have been the easiest step in getting your own website but even the so called simple task of choosing a domain name for your website becomes a headache when you find out that almost all possible names, phrases, popular idioms you can think of are already registered in someone else’s name.

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How to Encrypt and Password protect your files with 7-Zip

File Encryption is the only way to password protect any digital file. Any software which password protects your files uses some kind of encryption algorithm for encrypting your files. There are many trialwares like the Winzip and WinRar which encrypt your files with a password. However both of these are proprietary software and you need to pay after their trial period is over.

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How to Rotate an Object with the Rotate tool in Illustrator

Rotating an object around a circle or a reference point in Adobe Illustrator without using the rotate tool is a difficult task to accomplish. Most beginners in Illustrator, at some point in their learning curve have to discover or learn to use the rotate tool. It’s one of those indispensable tools which you will need if you want to place objects around a circle or around a central reference point, like the spokes of a wheel.

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