Google Drive Automatic Download Link Generator

This tool generates a direct download link for any file uploaded to Google Drive. The direct download link immediately initiates the file download instead of opening a preview. By using this tool, you agree to our terms of usage.
*The detailed steps for getting the Google drive link are given further down this page.
Direct download link for Google Drive file :

Steps for getting the Sharing link for a Google Drive file :

Step 1

Open Google drive and navigate to the file.

Step 2

Right Click on the file and select 'Share' in the menu.

Get the share link for Google Drive File

Step 3

In the Share window, you have to change the 'General access' from 'Restricted' to Anyone with the link. This is required if you want the file to be downloadable by anyone when they click on the direct download link.

Google Drive Share file link

Step 4

Then, click on the 'Copy link' button. This will copy the link to your clipboard.

Google Drive Copy Share link.

Step 5

Paste the link you just copied in this tool to generate the downloadable link for your file.

Step 6

You can embed the downloadable link in webpages as a hyperlink. When the user clicks the link, it would straight away start downloading the file.