How to Create a Direct Download link for Google Drive Files

Create direct download link for Google drive files.

Google Drive is one of the most secure ways to share and store your files in the cloud. You get 15 GB of free storage space plus your files are encrypted and safe from viruses and malware. You can share these files with other Google users and grant them permissions to view or even edit your files. 

You can edit Google Docs, PDFs, Sheets and Slides right in your Google Drive. However, Google Drive can also be used to host or store any kind of file or data. Google Drive won’t be able to open those files for you but you can let other users download that file.

You just have to upload the file and get its sharing link and change its access permission so that other users can view or access the file. Then we will convert that link to a download link that can be shared with others and also embedded in web pages.

Here, we have given the detailed steps for getting the sharing link and creating the download link from that file. 

Get the Sharing Link for a Google Drive File

Note: This method will only work for files which are uploaded to the drive and not the files which you create using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides etc. If you want to share those files as a download, then download those files from Google Drive and create a compressed .zip file containing your Google Doc, sheets or other file. Then you can use the steps given below to upload the file and get the sharing link.

Open and click on the + icon. 

Then select the File Upload option from the menu.

Navigate to the file on your computer and click on Open to start the upload.

The file would be available for Sharing once the upload finishes. The upload takes time depending on your internet speed and file size.

Once the file is uploaded to your Google Drive, Right click the file and then select the Share Option. 

In the share dialog that opens, we have to change the General access permission for the file from Restricted to “Anyone with the link”. You will have to do this if you want the file to be downloadable by anyone. If it’s set to Restricted then it would only be downloadable by users who are logged in with a Gmail or Google account.

Then Click on the Copy link button after changing the General access permissions.

The link would be copied to your clipboard. Follow the steps given below to create a direct download link for your file. 

Create Direct Download Link for Google Drive Files

We have created a tool which would create the direct download link for the file. Open the tool using the link given below.

Paste the Google drive Sharing link we copied previously in the first box and click on the Submit button.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is google-drive-convertor-enter-link.png

The link would be generated instantly and can be copied by clicking on the Click to Copy button. 

Now you can embed this link in web pages or share it in emails or social media. The link would create an instant download link. 

Sometimes, Google drive may show a message if the file size is bigger than a set limit. The user would still get a download option but Google may display a message stating that it won’t scan it for viruses as the file size exceeds a set limit.