Things to Keep in mind when choosing a Domain name

A domain name is not just a website address; it creates your online identity. The first step in getting a website is registering a domain name or deciding the name for your website. This should have been the easiest step in getting your own website but even the so called simple task of choosing a domain name for your website becomes a headache when you find out that almost all possible names, phrases, popular idioms you can think of are already registered in someone else’s name.

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Google Files – A Smart File Manager for your Android

Files was launched by Google on 5 December 2017 as a lightweight, file management and explorer app for its Android platform. Initially, it was called Files Go but Google later changed it to Files By Google. It was targeted at entry level and mid level android phones with limited storage resources, but it has now become one of the most popular file explorer and management app on the android platform with more than 30 million users.

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Best Multipurpose Code Editors for Beginners and Developers

“Code is Poetry” a phrase which was coined by WordPress, the popular content management platform which needs no introduction. Code is the poetry which the machines or more specifically, computers understand  and love but can’t write on their own. Although recent developments in Artificial intelligence have created algorithm and machine learners which can generate their own code and algos, most coding is still being done by developers and programmers.

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