Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts to make you More Efficient

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Chrome offers Keyboard shortcuts for most of the common tasks which you would normally carry out with your mouse. Learning keyboard shortcuts for Chrome would help you in managing and accessing your tabs more quickly, opening links in new window, bringing back closed tabs and a lot more.

Generally, to do all of the above you have to navigate using a mouse and access the menu for each command. This is where, keyboard shortcuts come in handy and let you carry out all these tasks without using the mouse by just pressing the key combinations on your keyboard.

Here we have prepared a list of some of the most important keyboard commands for Chrome.

Key CombinationCommand
Ctrl + TOpens a new Tab
Ctrl+ Shift + TOpens the last tab you had closed. Chrome Remember the last 10 tabs you closed.
Ctrl+ 1 to 9Switches to the first tab and so on. If you have more than 9 tabs open pressing Ctrl + 9 would take you to the last tab.
Ctrl + TabSelects the adjacent tab. You can press it repeatedly to cycle through all the open tabs.
Ctrl + NOpens a new Window.
Ctrl + Shift + NOpens a new incognito (private browsing) window.
Alt + F4Closes the current window.
Ctrl + Clicking on linkOpens the link in new Tab..
Shift + Clicking on linkOpens the link in new Window.
Alt + Click on a linkStarts download if it’s a downloadable link.
Ctrl + ESets Focus to the active tab’s address bar. Type and hit enter to search Google.
Ctrl + EnterAutomatically adds www. Prefix and .com suffix to the keyword which you have entered in the address bar and opens that website. For example, typing Google and then pressing Ctrl + Enter would open
Type name of the website in address bar and then press the Tab keyTo search for a keyword on that website. For example, after typing in the address bar and then pressing tab you can directly enter the keyword which you would like to search on Works for most popular sites
Ctrl + +/-Zoom in and out in a webpage.
Ctrl + 0Reset Zoom to default.
Ctrl + UView the source of a webpage.
Ctrl + FTo search for all the instances of a keyword in a webpage.
Ctrl + RReload a web page.
Ctrl + F5Reloads the webpage after clearing cache.
Ctrl + PTo Print the current webpage.
Ctrl + STo save a webpage
Ctrl + HOpens the Chrome History in a fresh tab.
Ctrl + JOpens Chrome Download history in a fresh tab.
Ctrl + Shift + DelOpens the Clear Browsing Data window.
Ctrl + Shift + OOpens the Bookmark manager in a new tab.
Ctrl + DAdds a bookmark for the current tab.
F11Go Fullscreen. Press again to exit.
Home / EndPress Home to Scroll to top. Press End to Scroll to bottom in a webpage.

These were some of the most useful and common Keyboard shortcuts. Memorizing some of them would obviously help you in browsing the web quickly and more efficiently.

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