How to Change the Interface Language in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Change Language

Google Chrome decides your preferred language on the basis of your PC’s default language settings. However, you can still change the user interface language to some other language, from within the Chrome settings.

On Google Chrome, changing the default language would make the Menu, Settings, toolbar and all other user interface elements appear in the new language. 

You don’t have to install any extension or language to activate this feature. Chrome supports all the major languages in its user interface. You just have to activate your preferred language in the Chrome settings. 

After changing the language, Chrome would not only change the interface but will load any webpage in your preferred language, if available. It will offer to translate pages in other languages to your preferred language.

How to change the language in Google Chrome?

Open Chrome Settings by clicking the three dot icon in the top right of Google Chrome. Alternatively, you can enter chrome://settings/ in the address bar and hit Enter.

In the left side panel. Click on the Advanced drop down menu.

Under Advanced click on Languages.

Google Chrome change default language

Click on the drop Down menu next to Language.

Click on Add languages.

Google Chrome Change preferred language

Select your Language from the list of available languages and click on Add.

The new language would be added to the list along with your current language. Click on the three dot icon in front of the language you have just added.

Click the check box for Display Google Chrome in this language. You can also check the box for Offer to translate pages in this language, if you want Google Chrome to translate pages to your new preferred language.

Click on Relaunch. Google Chrome would Restart and would apply the new language to your address bar, search box and Settings Menu.

You can revert back to you preferred language by following the steps mentioned above.

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