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How to Embed Google Maps in WordPress Site or Blog

Google Maps in a WordPress Website

Google Maps is one of the most popular mapping services which offers satellite imagery and street maps with aerial and 360° panoramic street view. Google Maps also helps in route planning and getting driving directions with real time traffic information which helps you to find the best route to your destination. 

It helps you to locate any physical address on an interactive digital map making it easier for you to find nearby restaurants, hotels, ATM’s and other places of interest in almost every major city of the world.

Google Maps also provides tools and API for integration of their mapping technology with other services, apps and websites. GPS devices, Smartphones, Websites and mobile apps use Google Maps data to provide mapping services to their users. Even, scientists are using Google Maps and Crowd sourcing to gather data for research on forest cover and land use patterns.


All these features make it the most widely used mapping service, which is available on almost every digital platform. In fact, it has totally eliminated the need to put your physical address in Contact Us section of your website. You can just embed a Google Map showing your business location.

Your website visitors and clients can use it to get directions to your business and if you’ve verified your Business with Google then they can also read reviews about your business shared by other clients. With the help of Google’s street view feature they can even load the virtual location of your business in their web browser or app.



Type in the precise address of the location in the search bar and hit enter. A side panel would appear with the share button. Alternatively, you can directly click on the label of a location to open the side panel with the sharing options.

Google Maps Embed Code

If you want to embed GPS coordinates instead of a physical address or location. Then simply click on the map and a popup would appear with the coordinates of that place. Click on the coordinate link to open the side panel with the share button.

Google Maps Embed Code

You would find the share button in the side panel. Clicking on Share button would open a popup window with a sharing link. In that Popup window select the Embed Map Tab.

Google Map Embedding in WordPress

A new window would appear with the embed code. The embed code starts with <iframe . By default entire code snippet is already selected.

Google Maps Embed Code Window

Copy the code by pressing Ctrl + C or, right clicking and selecting Copy from the context menu. You can also change the dimensions or width and height of your embed window by selecting the map size from the drop down menu in the top left corner.

Now, that we have copied the embed code we can use it to embed the map in our web page.


Note: This method is for self hosted WordPress site, for blogs( scroll down and read the steps for hosted blogs

Open your WordPress Site Dashboard and go to Posts → Add New or Pages → Add New (or you can open an older post or page in editing mode if you want it to embed in an existing post). In the WordPress Post Editor, you would have to select the TEXT editing mode (By default, the Visual Editing mode is selected).

In the Text Editing mode which is also known as Code editor mode
(Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + M to change between the modes) , paste the embed code in the post where you want the map to appear. Now, Go back to the Visual Editor mode by clicking on Visual Tab . The embedded map would appear within the visual editor. Now, Click on Publish or Update to save your post.

Embed Code of Google Maps for WordPress

Visit the page or post and click on refresh. Your maps should appear within the post.


If you want to embed the map in a hosted blog then go to your Dashboard, Then, go to Posts → Add or Pages → Add (or you can open an older post or page in editing mode if you want  embed it in an existing post). In the WordPress Post Editor, paste the embed code directly in the Visual editor mode.

As soon you paste the embed code, it’s automatically converted to WordPress recognizable code starting with [googlemaps

Google Maps Embedding Code

Click on Publish or Update to save the changes and publish your post. Now, go back to you WordPress site and refresh the browser page and the embedded map would appear within your post or page. If it doesn’t appear on refresh then, press SHIFT + F5 in your Chrome Browser or CTRL + F5 in FireFox browser to clear your cache and reload the page with your map.

You can press Ctrl and Scroll to zoom in the map.

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