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How to resize images in Windows 10 Photos and Paint 3D apps

Resize images in Paint 3d

Photos is the default photo viewer app on Windows 10 PCs. Unlike its predecessors, Photos has basic image and Video editing capabilities. You can use the Photos app to edit your photos and videos and to make movies and albums. You can even use Photos for basic tasks like resizing large image files to a smaller resolution.

You don’t need any third party app like Photoshop to do that on Windows 10 PCs. Windows 10 native apps like Photos can do that for you.  Not only Photos but you can even use Paint and its latest version Paint 3d to resize your images.

How to Resize your images using the Windows 10 Photos app?

Important Point: Make sure your Photos app is updated and you are running the latest version.

1. Open the image or photo in the Windows 10 Photos app. To open it,  Right click the image, Go to Open with and select Photos.

2. Click on the three dot menu at the top right corner of the Photos app. From the menu select, Resize. Alternatively, you can select Resize after right clicking on the photo.

Resize images in Photos app

3. This would open the Resize dialog which lists four options. You can select the Small, Medium or Large option or you can enter Custom dimensions for your image. Select Define custom dimensions. 

4. The Resize dialog shows the current resolution of your image at the top. You will have to enter the custom dimensions for your image. By default the Maintain Aspect Ratio is checked, this means that you either have to enter the height or the width and Photos would automatically change the other value. This ensures that your resized image retains the aspect ratio. If you don’t want that , you can uncheck that box. However, keep in mind that your resized photo may not retain the original proportions and may appear stretched or skewed upon resizing.

5. Click on Save resized copy and select the folder location for the resized image. After saving, You can open the resized image in Photos app and then right click it and select, File information. It should show the new dimensions of the image.

How to resize photos using the Paint 3d app?

Open the image in Paint 3D by right clicking and selecting Paint 3D. Select, Canvas in the Ribbon menu at the top.

This would open the Canvas menu Options in the right side panel.

Resize images in Paint 3D app

Under Resize Canvas you can enter the new width or height for your image and paint would automatically fill the other value. Just make sure that Lock aspect Ratio is checked. Hit Enter after changing the dimensions. 

Now, Go to the Menu option in the ribbon menu.

Next, Select Save As option.

Now, Select the Image option under Save as Copy. Select the folder location and save your resized image.

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