Transfer web URL’s as QR codes from Android Chrome

Google Chrome for Android offers many ways to transfer or share URLs from one smartphone to another and vice versa. You can use sync, emails, Bluetooth, NFC beaming, etc to send a link to another phone or your PC.

One of the sharing options which Google Chrome on Android has, is the use of QR codes to transfer or share links. QR codes make it a lot easier to transfer links to smartphones or tablets with a camera.

You can also transfer any link from your Desktop Chrome to Android Chrome using a QR code. You just have to scan the QR code using your phone camera to open the link on your phone’s browser.

How to share links as QR codes in Android Chrome.

You can create a QR for a web page, any embedded image or video link, using this feature.

Open Google Chrome on Android. Just enter chrome://flags in the address bar and hit Go.

Then search for “QR Code”. In the results, look for “Chrome Share QRCodes”. If it shows Disabled or Default then Enable it. 

Relaunch Chrome by tapping on Relaunch. Now, the QR Code sharing would be enabled in Android Chrome.

Now, To share the page you are browsing in Android Chrome, tap and hold on the address bar and then tap on the share icon.

Select the QR Code from the sharing options.

You would get a QR code on screen with the Chrome’s Dino logo in the center. You also get a button to download this QR code as a PNG file.

You can use this method to create QR codes for hyperlinks and images as well. Just tap and hold on the image or the hyperlink and then tap on the share link in the context menu.

How to scan the QR code?

You can scan the QR code using a smartphone or tablet camera app. You would need Android 9 or later to scan the QR code with the camera app.

You can also install a QR scanner app from Playstore if your camera app doesn’t detect QR codes. If you don’t want any third party QR scanner app then you can also use Google Chrome on Android.

Scan QR Codes using Google Chrome on Android

If your camera doesn’t work and you don’t want to install a QR Scanning app then you can use Android Chrome’s Scan feature.

To open the scanner you have to follow the exact same steps, but this time, select the SCAN tab instead of SHARE.  Read the steps given below.

To use Chrome’s QR code scanner, You can open any random website. Then tap and hold on the address bar. Click on the share button.

This would open a popup screen with all the sharing buttons. Select, QR Code from the sharing options.

Now select the SCAN tab.

Scan the QR code by positioning the QR code in the frame. Chrome would detect the QR code and open the link in the browser.