Some Amazing Pictures from Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year Contest was first run in the year 2006 and is organized every year by Wikimedia Commons Foundation which is a part of Wikipedia. It selects some of the best images from the featured images of Wikipedia’s Wikimedia Commons database which is a online repository of free use images, sounds and videos. The competition is open to everyone and the winner is decided the votes of the participants and Wikipedia users. The images have to be shared under Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.  Most images on Wikipedia fall under this category and are free for sharing if you giver proper attribution to the original creators.

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Most Popular free fonts from Google for Web and Print

Google Fonts is a web font database which was launched by Google in the year 2010. All the fonts in Google Font database are free and published under the SIL Open font license 1.1 and Apache License. These open source licenses allow Google Fonts to be used on any website, whether it’s personal or commercial.  This means, you can safely use Google Fonts without worrying about their licensing.

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